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Jewell Marceau controls Lydia McLane

Thirteen pix of Jewell capturing, tying and licking Lydia, and exposing her tits and her inviting gash, taken from a gallery at imagefap.php since deleted.

Jewell capturing Lydia

Jewell groping Lydia’s tits

Jewell digging her nails into Lydia’s ass

Jewell licking Lydia’s back

Jewell licking Lydia’s ass

Jewell tying Lydia

Jewell gagging Lydia

Jewell licking Lydia’s toes

Four tits

Jewell exposes Lydia’s perky nips

A better view of Lydia’s nips

Jewell exposes Lydia’s adorable cunt

A close-up of Lydia’s inviting gash

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