See Jewell Marceau controlling Lydia and exposing her tits and her inviting gash.

More pix of Lydia, naked or just displaying her magnificent tits

The diligent Googler will find Lydia throughout the Internet. As a starter kit we offer here links to some of the websites with pix and videos of Lydia topless or completely naked. Enjoy!

Unfortunately, some of the links below are to sites not formatted for smartphones and are best viewed on a laptop or desktop.

Jewell Marceau controls Lydia

Below: Jewell exposes Lydia’s inviting gash

Jewell Marceau exposing Lydia McLane’s inviting cunt

See 12 more pix of Jewell Marceau controlling Lydia

Lydia and Madison Young

Below: Lydia spanking Madison’s pretty little ass

Lydia spanking Madison’s pretty little ass

See many more pix of Lydia and Madison Young

Lydia’s subtle stocking seduction

Below: Spreading Lydia’s thighs to show you her cunt

Spreading Lydia McLane’s thighs to show you her cunt

See many more pix of Lydia tied, groped, caressed and vibrated

Lydia in lingerie

Below: Lydia showing you her tits and her crotch

Lydia McLane showing you her tits and her crotch

See Lydia in lingerie

Lydia with Madison Young

Below: Lydia and Madison show their enticing little pink nips

Lydia McLane and Madison Young

See Lydia with Madison Young

Lydia as a plaything

Below: Lydia captured

Lydia McLane captured

See Lydia captured and abused

Perils of Lydia

Below: Lydia having her tits groped

Lydia McLane having her tits groped

For FetLife members, a link to three free trailers. See details...

Lydia at House of Gord

Below: Lydia bares her tits as she rides in style at House of Gord

Lydia McLane rides in style at House of Gord

All Lydia’s House of Gord videos can now be purchased individually, with no membership required. Go to and choose your favorite clips of Lydia from a total of 142.

Lydia at

Below: Lydia tied, gagged and flashing her tits

Lydia McLane tied, gagged and flashing her tits

See six pix of Lydia tied, gagged and flashing her tits.

Lydia at

Below: Lydia showing you her tits

Lydia McLane’s cunt at

See four amazing close-ups of Lydia at with a link to 777 others.

Lydia pushing her tits out

Below: Lydia gagged and tied

Lydia McLane showing off her tits

See eight pix of Lydia pushing her tits out.

Something about Lydia

A screencap from There’s something about Lydia.

Lydia McLane roped and vibrated

From the moment Bryan Davis drags Lydia into his garage, all tied and ball gagged, he knows there is something about this red-haired gal that’s different from all the others he’s kidnapped and tortured. So just what IS it that’s so special about Lydia? You find out in the final vibrator scene.

See 13 more pix of Lydia’s tits and cunt roped and stretched

The full-length videos are available at
Put “Lydia McLane” into the search box to see all Lydia’s videos.

Lydia stripping at Club Strawberry

Lydia’s cunt, beautifully firm ass and pretty little butt hole

Lydia McLane presenting her ass at Club Strawberry

See 16 more pix of Lydia’s tits, cunt and ass from Club Strawberry plus a link to the site with more Lydia pix and lots of other red top gals.

Sucking cock

Johnny Smokes dropping his pants for Lydia to suck his cock

Johnny Smokes dropping his pants for Lydia McLane to suck his cock

In response to many requests we are delighted to show more pix of
Johnny fastening Lydia in a hogtie and presenting his cock for her to suck
which she does enthusiastically.

These screencaps are taken from a Hells Elevator video not currently available online, but other Hells Elevator videos starring Lydia can be found at
Open the search box, enter ‘Lydia’ and see 11 clips, including two of her playing with Johnny’s balls.

Lydia naked and restrained for groping

Lydia McLane straddling the bar

Scroll through nine pages at to see several photo sets and videos of Lydia including Canned tits, where she is topless and wearing a strap-on for the benefit of another topless gal, and Straddle the bar where Lydia is naked and groped by a male, see above.

Lydia at the twat tree

The Sergeant Major pulling Lydia’s panties between her twat lips

Lydia McLane’s panties pulled between her twat lips

See a page of stills from two videos of Lydia at the twat tree, with links to the videos.

Below: Lydia proudly showing you her slit

Lydia McLane naked and showing her slit

Although is currently offline, several knotnice pix of Lydia can be found elsewhere. This close-up of Lydia showing you her inviting slit is one of 15 pix at

In a rigid cuff at

Below: Another view of Lydia’s cunt

Lydia McLane showing her naked cunt

A screencap of Lydia from Boobs, Pussy, and Metal Bondage, a House of Gord video. The full-length video is available at

Lydia in The Pet

Lydia being led to suspension

Lydia McLane being led to suspension

One of five screencaps of Lydia (appearing as Jane Steele) in the indie movie The Pet.

See four more pix of Lydia in The Pet

See a 25-second sequence of Lydia naked at

The trailer of the movie is available at
and the full movie can be purchased at
But be warned: Lydia has only a small rôle and the movie was not highly rated.

Lydia with Jewell Marceau

Lydia and Jewell sitting together naked

Lydia McLane and Jewell Marceau sitting together naked

One of three screencaps from a House of Gord shoot of Lydia with the gorgeous Jewell Marceau.

See two more pix of Lydia and Jewell

More pix and a video of Jewell mummifying Lydia in a vacuum bed are on sale at

Lydia in Necro Files 2

Lydia having her tits groped

Lydia McLane having her tits groped

One of four screencaps of Lydia as Dial-a-Hooker #2 in Necro Files 2.

See three more pix of Lydia in Necro Files 2 and a description of the movie.

The DVD of the uncensored director’s cut, with 50 minutes of bonus material, is on sale at
(a German website, use Google Chrome or
for a translation), or search online for free download sites.

Bondage Barrix

Below: Lydia with clips on her tits and a rope in her cunt

Lydia McLane gagged and showing her cunt

This is a screencap from Cadet Lydia McLane clip4. The video shows Lydia gagged, with clothespins on her tits, and with her legs spread to show you her cunt. You can watch her briefly being vibrated with a Magic Wand™ and, although she doesn’t honor you with an orgasm, her delicious nips are, as usual, rock hard. Cadet Lydia McLane clip4 is one of a series of videos to be found at

Search ‘Lydia’ in the Search box to see all Lydia’s videos.

Below: Lydia exposing her asshole and having her cunt vibrated

Lydia McLane stripped and vibrated at sells several DVDs of Lydia including some where they say she is vibrated to orgasm. At
select ‘Lydia McLane’ in the ‘By Model’ box in the left column, and press ‘Go‘.

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Some videos are also available for streaming at

Bound to Love It

Below: Lydia naked and having her tits groped

Lydia McLane groped after her bath

This screencap is from Roped after bathing part 2 for Bound to Love It, available at

Find all Lydia’s Bound to Love It videos by entering ‘Lydia’ into the Search box.

Below: Lydia gagged and showing her tits

Lydia McLane gagged and showing her tits

See nearly 40 pix of Lydia gagged, groped, blindfolded and showing her tits at

Lydia naked and gagged for

Lydia McLane naked and gagged at

Although the website is currently suspended, their pix of Lydia are available at

Below: Lydia gagged with her tits out

Lydia McLane gagged with her tits out

One of 35 pix at some showing Lydia gagged, sometimes clothed, but often displaying her gorgeous tits.

David Knight Bondage

Below: Lydia gagged with her naked tits in ropes

Lydia McLane gagged with her tits in ropes

Videos of Lydia are available for streaming at Scroll through each of the pages to see all of Lydia’s videos.

FetLife members can see the trailers of other videos featuring Lydia at

See also

Below: Lydia stripped and tied

Lydia McLane stripped and tied at boundndertermined

Screencaps from one of one of Lydia’s several shoots for

Below: A close-up Lydia’s beautiful breasts and rock hard nipples

Lydia McLane’s hard nipples at

A screencap from one of Lydia’s several videos shot for

Type ‘Lydia’ in the Google search box at the foot of the page and bring up a list of Lydia’s videos. Follow each link to see a description of the video and don’t forget to look at the sample images for each video.

Below: Lydia naked, gagged and pleading for release

Lydia McLane naked and gagged for

A screencap from one of several videos Lydia shot for

Below: Lydia as a Pet Girl

Lydia McLane boxed at

A screencap from one of Lydia’s several shoots for

Kissing Reyja Wood at

Below: Lydia kissing Reyja Wood’s naked ass.

Lydia McLane kissing Reyja Wood’s naked ass

Reyja stars in 12 videos at
and Lydia is her co-star in 9 of them. See Lydia playing with Reyja’s tits and ass, and vibrating her to orgasm. And see one set with Lydia displaying her beautiful naked tits and three others with her whole body visible in her see-through mesh catsuit.

Below: Munching on Lydia’s tits

Munching on Lydia McLane’s tits at Men in Pain

This screencap is from a trailer at

Additional mini videos and a photo set can be found at

Also at

Below: Lydia gagged and topless

Lydia McLane gagged and topless at WeBound

One of several pix of Lydia gagged and helpless at Scroll down the page and select the link for Lydia McLane.

Below: Lydia gagged, tied up and topless

Lydia McLane gagged, tied up and topless

A screencap from one of several videos at

Below: Lydia showing her tits as she models a mesh back seam catsuit

Lydia McLane showing her tits in a Winterfetish mesh catsuit

See additional pix of Lydia modeling fetish wear at

Lydia restrained for

Lydia totally restrained

Lydia McLane tied and naked for

A pic originally shown at, once Lydia’s personal bondage site but now closed

Lydia’s FemDom trailers at FetLife

Lydia with her top off caning Mark Gregory

Topless Lady Lydia McLane caning a dungeon victim

A screencap from one of Lydia’s FemDom videos. Lydia no longer sells these videos but FetLife members can see 15 trailers of her playing with Mark Gregory at

Lydia’s custom bondage shoots

Lydia tied and showing her tits at David Knight Bondage

Lydia McLane tied and showing her tits for a custom shoot

Less than three days after we reported that
David Knight Bondage
was offering custom bondage videos of Lydia, a personal email from DKB told us the offer is closed. Pity! for Speed Dealer Motors

Below: Lydia isn’t naked, but her nips are very visible

Lydia McLane shot by Andraste for Speed Dealer Motors

Shot by Andraste for Speed Dealer Motors. See lots more pix at

Dr Sketchy’s

Below: Lydia posing for artists and pervs at Dr Sketchy’s

Lydia McLane posing at Dr Sketchy’s

Lydia used to display herself frequently at Dr Sketchy’s evenings in Seattle for the benefit of true artists and the occasional perv, and she was a frequent burlesque performer. You can see lots of Lydia’s burlesque pix by following this link to search for
Lydia McLane burlesque in Google although, as required by the burlesque tradition, her nips and cunt are always covered.

This website is not managed by Lydia McLane and is not approved by her.