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Lydia at KidnapHer.com

Six pix of Lydia gagged, roped and flashing her tits originally shot for KidnapHer.com. KidnapHer.com has now shut down but Pete rescued these pix from the Internet.

Lydia gagged and tied

Lydia McLane gagged and tiedLydia McLane gagged and tied

Lydia gagged and helpless

Lydia McLane gagged and helplessLydia McLane gagged and helpless

Lydia’s tied tits in close-up

Lydia McLane’s tied tits in close-upLydia McLane’s tied tits in close-up

Lydia tied and stuggling

Lydia McLane tied and stugglingLydia McLane tied and stuggling

Lydia helpless and struggling

Lydia McLane helpless and strugglingLydia McLane helpless and struggling

Lydia tied and helpless

Lydia McLane tied and helplessLydia McLane tied and helpless

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