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Something about Lydia

From the moment Bryan Davis drags Lydia into his garage, all tied and ball gagged, he knows there is something about this red-haired gal that’s different from all the others he’s kidnapped and tortured. So just what IS it that’s so special about Lydia? You find out in the final vibrator scene.

The full-length videos are available at unusualporn.net. Put “Lydia McLane” into the search box to see all Lydia’s videos.

All pix are copyright © Bryan Davis.

Lydia captured

Lydia McLane capturedLydia McLane captured

Lydia overwhelmed

Lydia McLane overwhelmedLydia McLane overwhelmed

Lydia tied up

Lydia McLane tied upLydia McLane tied up

Lydia being inspected

Lydia McLane being inspectedLydia McLane being inspected

Lydia nearly naked

Lydia McLane nearly nakedLydia McLane nearly naked

Lydia naked

Lydia McLane nakedLydia McLane naked

Lydia restrained

Lydia McLane restrainedLydia McLane restrained

Lydia waiting

Lydia McLane waitingLydia McLane waiting

Lydia positioned for groping

Lydia McLane positioned for gropingLydia McLane positioned for groping

Lydia’s groping starts

Lydia McLane’s groping startsLydia McLane’s groping starts

Lydia’s groping continues

Lydia McLane’s groping continuesLydia McLane’s groping continues

Lydia’s cunt being inspected

Lydia McLane’s cunt being inspectedLydia McLane’s cunt being inspected

Lydia’s tits and cunt roped

Lydia McLane’s tits and cunt ropedLydia McLane’s tits and cunt roped

Lydia awaiting her next attack

Lydia McLane awaiting her next attackLydia McLane awaiting her next attack

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